Beauty to behold…

It’s essential to sanity.  Having beauty around you each day.  At Seldom Seen Quilting Studio, this need is met in so many ways! Beautiful fabrics, beautiful projects that people are working on, beautiful designs, and an enchanting mezzanine location.  Come by and see…


A new outlook…

It struck me as I drove to the studio this morning, planning out my day, what a vastly different process that is than it has been for the last more-years-than-I-would-ever-admit.  Instead of thinking through the difficult conversations I would have, the boring meetings on the schedule, the looming deadlines… I was planning which colors of embroidery thread to use on a block for a wedding quilt!

Shining eyes…

Today, a small boy with shining eyes and a winning smile bounced into the studio and announced, “It’s awesome up here!” with a voice as loud as all adventure!  We pulled a chair up to the railing to allow him the full effect of our mezzanine view, and then I just soaked up his wonder. It fueled my creativity for the rest of the afternoon!

Life is not my own…

i am not a maker of promises

i am not a spinner of fine threads of dreams

i cannot weave happiness into tomorrow

though I try

life is not my own.

i follow on

i am a follower

i live by listening

and trust to grow

and grow by trusting more

still more

come along

i follow on.

my footsteps climb a path

i cannot see

i do not need to see

the Light is strong

the darkness gone

and Love blows like the wind

the breath of Life

still given not my own.

where are the promises

i have them here

where are the answers

there is but One

i follow on

the path grows hard

the stones are sharp

i follow still

beyond me and above

lies a pasture green and rich

and happiness

still given not my own

it is not mine to give.