You either like them, or you don’t.

plano 014
The old quilts, I mean. The vintage blocks or tops or quilts, made from scraps left over from sewing, or from garments whose usefulness has passed. Made with skill or with the promise of skill in the future. Or even with the reluctant hand of one who does not wish to learn. I like them. I see thrift comingled with creativity; necessity softened by beauty. I often think of Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote: do the best you can with what you have where you are. That’s like the definition of a vintage quilt.


Ah, Texas…

Undaunted by the temperature — TWO degrees Fahrenheit with wind chill factor — and the ice/snow/sleet that covers the ground and decorates the drooping trees, the birds of Texas still greeted the morning with their cheery tunes.  They are Texas strong for sure!  Makes me want to start on a bird quilt.  How about you?

Tomorrow, tomorrow!

Tomorrow is a class at Seldom Seen Quilting Studio — which means a room FULL of other quilters with heads full of ideas, tips, tricks, enthusiasm, and experience.  The class is called “the art of free motion quilting” and will be taught by Karen Kelley.  Beautiful quilts have been provided by Laura Nichols of Common Threads Quilting, so the students are all sure to be inspired!