I’ve said it before…

But it bears saying again:  I married way above my station.  How thankful I am for every moment and every day with my amazing husband.  This is a man who will go fishing in a hurricane.  That sounds crazy, I know.  But it is this innate belief that he can ride out any storm God sends his way is a gift he uses in so many ways.  Like when he waits patiently for the misery of illness to spend its fury, on only the promise of the calm in the eye of the storm.  And still wants to see pictures of quilts on my smart phone.  So if you’ve looked for me at the studio this week, and found that I’m not there, just know I’ve got my priorities in the right order — God, Family, Quilting — and I’ll be back at my machines as soon as he sails into a calm spot.


Life is not my own…

i am not a maker of promises

i am not a spinner of fine threads of dreams

i cannot weave happiness into tomorrow

though I try

life is not my own.

i follow on

i am a follower

i live by listening

and trust to grow

and grow by trusting more

still more

come along

i follow on.

my footsteps climb a path

i cannot see

i do not need to see

the Light is strong

the darkness gone

and Love blows like the wind

the breath of Life

still given not my own.

where are the promises

i have them here

where are the answers

there is but One

i follow on

the path grows hard

the stones are sharp

i follow still

beyond me and above

lies a pasture green and rich

and happiness

still given not my own

it is not mine to give.