Today we gave thanks…

Today we gave thanks...

With our needles and our thread, our machines and our scissors. With our hands and our tools, our creative ideas and our time. With our abilities and learned skills, with our effort and even our trepidation. With our hearts. We gave thanks for all these things by using them, by allowing God to use them, as instruments of blessing to others. Working together, with much laughter and sharing, we quilted seven quilts and put binding on two more that will comfort those who are ill; we made 37 soft, welcoming receiving blankets to nestle around infants; we sewed 13 Christmas stockings to brighten the holidays for children in the hospital when the season comes; we even used our failures to make bedding for beloved pets and homeless rescues. What joy to be surrounded by so many caring, giving people! What blessing to be allowed to live this dream kind of life! What thankfulness fills my soul tonight, what peace that passes understanding. Thanks be to God!


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