Darkness and light…

Darkness and light...

This quilt began with a simple pattern, called pioneer braid and reproduced from an antique quilt by Denice Lipscomb at Common Threads Quilting in Waxahachie. I admired the pattern for a long time, and finally decided to try it when a friend recommended cutting for it from scraps over a period of time. When I started piecing it, I discovered that each scrap of fabric represents a quilt made for a person or event, or brings to mind a time period during which I was praying for someone special, or just reminds me of a person or a need or a feeling. I decided to call the quilt my “Prayer Braid” and to quilt it up in scriptures and prayers. I began to write down favorite verses and prayers, and started trying to sort out which ones to use and which I could manage without if they wouldn’t fit. Then the vision evolved, and I saw prayers going up from my darkness and answers or promises coming down in His light. So I quilted it that way — a number of my favorite prayers going up from the bottom of the quilt in the dark sections, and treasured scripture promises running from the top of the quilt down in the light sections. I am expecting to sleep very well under this quilt!


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