A chance to share a gift…

A chance to share a gift...

It’s like the best form of re-gifting! I have a chance this summer to share the gift of sewing with 8-year-old Emalee. I am, by my best reckoning, about three years younger than my grandmother was when she first began to teach me to sew. Over the years, she shared her love of the craft with me in so many ways, always encouraging me to learn, offering assistance, but never criticizing. When I would visit, she would let me choose fabric from her “stash” and then we’d walk to Sprouse Reitz and pick out a pattern and some notions to go with it. Sometimes, we’d find a beautiful piece of fabric there, or in the “fancy” fabric store that we passed on our way to Sprouse Reitz. When I finished my project, the whole process would start over again, and I would keep right on sewing until it was time to go home at the end of the week (or two sometimes!). And here I am, sewing every day and loving it! She would be proud. And I am proud of this bright and enthusiastic little girl — shown here with Lucy, her American Girls doll. Lucy is modeling Emalee’s first sewing project! Didn’t she do a fabulous job? What a privilege this is!


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