Why I enjoy quilting

I like to try to analyze exactly what it is I like about an item or an activity or a process. In quilting, I like pinning, hand and machine stitching, longarm work, and machine embroidery. Why? Maybe I like pinning because it is what we used to call a “mindless-task committee assignment.” It leaves my mind free for other thoughts, while occupying my restless hands. While stitching by hand or machine, or on the long arm, the creative side of my brain goes into hyperdrive. I will be thinking about the creativity in front of me, as well as working out the plot to my next novel or composing the opening paragraph to an op-ed piece or a press release. When I get organized, I actually write while quilting, using voice-recognition software. When it comes to machine embroidery, honestly, I enjoy the fact that I can do something else while the machine works! And in all cases, I enjoy being able to see what I have accomplished at the end of the work period.  Maybe that’s even the best part!

Living my dream life!

I live in Waxahachie, Texas, a growing city with a hometown attitude – and the perfect place to make a life with my husband of 28 years, our 18-year-old son, three dogs, and two cats. It’s also the perfect venue for my new business – Seldom Seen Quilting Studio-for-Rent.

My studio is enchanting, if I do say so myself – located in the mezzanine at the back of a wonderful antiques mall, in a quaint, historic downtown setting.  It’s the kind of space the feeds creativity – and it’s fully outfitted with all of the things necessary to create beautiful quilts. I am willing to share it (for a fee, of course) and I love to show it off to other quilters.

It’s also a great place to write, which is my other creative passion. If you haven’t already read my debut novel, Betsey Anne, you can buy a copy here (http://www.etsy.com/shop/SeldomSeenQuilting). I’m working on my next book and putting a few groceries on the table by stringing for a couple of local newspapers and picking up the odd press release or website-content job on the side.

I’m living my dream life. For real.


Welcome to Seldom Seen Quilting!

Come by to visit Seldom Seen Quilting’s Studio for rent – in the mezzanine at My Father’s House Antique Mall in downtown Waxahachie.  You will be enchanted by our cozy loft – and your creativity will be set free.

It’s a well-designed, well-lighted space, complete with everything you need for a successful longarm quilting experience.  The longarm machine, of course – a Husqvarna Viking Mega Quilter 18×8 on a 10-foot Inspira frame.  It’s straightforward and user friendly – and we offer both one-on-one lessons and classes, suitable for all levels of experience.

We also have an eight-by-eight design wall, a cutting table, several regular sewing machines, and an ironing station.  It’s the perfect place to hold a mini-retreat, so gather up your quilting friends and set a date.

Crank up some tunes on our old-but-functional CD player – or bring your own more modern listening system!  Grab a bite to eat or a cup of coffee at the Rogers Street Bistro downstairs – or pack a lunch.

Rent the longarm for only $65 a day – 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, or 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday.  Add $30 if you’d like one-on-one lessons while you have the machine rented.  Book more than one consecutive day to get a discount.

Call or e-mail now to schedule your longarm quilting adventure:  972-921-6715 or seldomseenquilting.