Living my dream life!

I live in Waxahachie, Texas, a growing city with a hometown attitude – and the perfect place to make a life with my husband of 28 years, our 18-year-old son, three dogs, and two cats. It’s also the perfect venue for my new business – Seldom Seen Quilting Studio-for-Rent.

My studio is enchanting, if I do say so myself – located in the mezzanine at the back of a wonderful antiques mall, in a quaint, historic downtown setting.  It’s the kind of space the feeds creativity – and it’s fully outfitted with all of the things necessary to create beautiful quilts. I am willing to share it (for a fee, of course) and I love to show it off to other quilters.

It’s also a great place to write, which is my other creative passion. If you haven’t already read my debut novel, Betsey Anne, you can buy a copy here ( I’m working on my next book and putting a few groceries on the table by stringing for a couple of local newspapers and picking up the odd press release or website-content job on the side.

I’m living my dream life. For real.



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