Why I enjoy quilting

I like to try to analyze exactly what it is I like about an item or an activity or a process. In quilting, I like pinning, hand and machine stitching, longarm work, and machine embroidery. Why? Maybe I like pinning because it is what we used to call a “mindless-task committee assignment.” It leaves my mind free for other thoughts, while occupying my restless hands. While stitching by hand or machine, or on the long arm, the creative side of my brain goes into hyperdrive. I will be thinking about the creativity in front of me, as well as working out the plot to my next novel or composing the opening paragraph to an op-ed piece or a press release. When I get organized, I actually write while quilting, using voice-recognition software. When it comes to machine embroidery, honestly, I enjoy the fact that I can do something else while the machine works! And in all cases, I enjoy being able to see what I have accomplished at the end of the work period.  Maybe that’s even the best part!


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