Do you have any grandchildren?

saturday fun 003

My newest student asked me that this morning. Not yet. Not yet. But, I think about my own grandmothers every day. One taught me to sew; the other gave me quilts that started my love affair with the art form, oh so many years ago. So they are with me, every day, in the studio — in every thing I do. For instance, this piece of fabric, part of a quilt that was pieced by my husband’s great grandmother, reminded me of a piece of fabric I found in my grandmother’s stash one year. She let me choose fabric from her stash whenever I came to visit — and we would walk to Sprouse Reitz and buy a pattern and some notions, and head back home to sew. I found a beautiful sky-blue fabric with a loose weave and black floral flocking. Oh, it was stunning. I made a “maxi” dress, with a square neckline, puffed sleeves, and a three-tiered, gathered skirt that reached to the floor. I was so proud to wear it to church!


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