A real milestone…

friday sept 5 009

This is such an exciting moment! The pattern for Celtic Nights, my first major quilt design, is ready to go! It comes in two colorways — original and Debora’s — named for my good friend Debora Proctor who suggested the colors. The pattern sells for $12 — you can get yours by sending me an e-mail at seldomseenquilting@gmail.com, by calling me at 972-921-6715, by stopping by the Studio inside My Father’s House Antiques Mall, or by visiting Seldom Seen Quilting on Etsy. I can’t wait to see your Celtic Nights quilt when it is done!


One thought on “A real milestone…

  1. I was visiting family in Waxahachie this weekend and bought this pattern. My husbamd and I both quilt and I knew he would like this, as do I. So,our big conundrum is do we each do a quilt or work together on same one? What a fun pickle to be in! I had been wanting to do a quilt with grape purple colors and deep greens. This will be great!

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