I am fascinated…

I am fascinated...

Truly fascinated, by these 1930’s fabrics. I think some of them were from feed sacks, others from flour sacks, and who knows what other grocery items may have been packaged in fabric to tempt the homemaker of the day. I was really intrigued when I came across this orange-and-green psychedelic number — it looks like it fits more in the hippie era of the 1960’s than in the pastel-pink-and-blue 30’s. (I thought about making a pun about “shifting gears” to go with the gears in the blue fabric next to it, but thought better of the idea.) I know the quilt dates to the 1930’s, because it belongs to the granddaughter of the quiltmaker, and she knows its history. But this snippet of wild-and-crazy still seems somewhat out of time.


6 thoughts on “I am fascinated…

  1. Try to read the article about Jenny Doan in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal. Hamilton Mo, quilting, reviving a sleepy downtown.

  2. I have just picked up a vintage hexagon quilt top and have spent hours pawing over the fabrics. Lots of feedsack with some other interesting fabrics too. I want that pale blue floral.

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