We called her Mima…

We called her Mima...

…the wonderful great-grandmother that made this quilt, my mother’s grandmother. I often think I didn’t get to spend enough time with her. She was tiny and frail from my earliest memories of her — with paper-thin, baby-soft skin, wispy hair in a bun at the back of her neck, and sparkling eyes. I didn’t know her well, but loved her dearly: everyone did! My mother left me this quilt that Mima had made, and I have it hanging on the bedroom wall, not in direct sunlight of course. It’s as protected as it can be without being tucked away out of sight. I believe in enjoying things, and each day when I look at this quilt I think of Mima, of Grama Scruggs, and of my Mama. I have an opportunity to share some of her needlework right now by quilting a vintage double wedding ring quilt for a customer, who has requested that I duplicate the same quilting design. Mima did hers by hand of course, and I’ll be using the longarm. But I’m sure she would approve.


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