I never had this job before…

mirror repeating crosses

This incredible job. Not even the ten years when my amazing husband and I worked together in our dry cleaning business. Those years are what whetted my appetite for the entrepreneurial life. But they were not as amazing as this job — owning and operating Seldom Seen Quilting Studio. This is a job that makes me think, “Yay! I get to go to work today!” This is a job where I meet wonderful people every single day. Where I get to see works of art, touch them even. Where I encourage and receive encouragement. Where I pray and am prayed for. A job where the customers all become friends. Where giving is the norm, charity is a way of life, smiles are abundant, learning and creativity are blossoming all day long. A job where I teach — which I never even knew I wanted to do — and then watch in delight as my students outshine me. (For instance — the creator of the quilt in this picture.) This is a job that sends me home high on life over and over again.


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