Farewell to Christmas…

I will really miss playing non-stop Christmas music at Seldom Seen Quilting Studio.  To be honest, there are two Christmas CD’s that I will play all year — one is called “Precious Child,” the other is Kathy Mattea’s Christmas album.  But I will try to mix it up some, so the customers in the store don’t think I’ve completely lost my mind! I will especially miss Mannheim Steamroller’s version of The Holly and the Ivy.  Actually, there are three notes in the rendition that I will miss the most.  Three lilting, soaring, floating notes sung out by the flute with abandon — letting go of the melody and flying.  Three notes that sound like an angel’s wings opening, or an eagle gliding across the sky.  Those three notes — I wait for them each time I play the CD, to the point of putting down my work and closing my eyes.  Somehow, those three notes fill my heart with joy and hope, reminding me of the wonderful blessings of the Lord.  I guess it really is the simple things in life that matter.


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