Two years ago today…

Two years ago today...

Two years ago today I was just being released from the hospital after shattering my wrist in a slip/trip/fall incident. I had gone to the store in Cedar Hill to buy bobbins for the longarm quilting machine, because I had a quilt on the frame, had finally conquered my fear of the machine, ran out of pre-wound bobbins, and didn’t want to stop sewing. Glyn was snoring in front of a football game, and I thought I would just have time to run up there, get the bobbins, and get back before the Cowboys came on. Today, I loaded this 3744-piece Judy Niemeyer Wedding Star quilt on the frame after two months of piecing, and it occurred to me just how far I have come and how greatly things have changed in my life in those two years! Praise and thanksgiving are due to my Lord!


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