My beautiful mother…

My beautiful mother...

I dreamed last night of my beautiful mother, as I so often do. She would have loved Seldom Seen Quilting Studio. In fact, she is the reason I love the mezzanine setting. As a young woman, she worked at the Sears store in Prescott, Arizona. Her desk was in the mezzanine, where she made change for customer transactions. Salespeople on the floor of the store would send the sales ticket and the payment up to her — though I can’t remember if they used a pneumatic tube or just a simple pulley system. Later, J.C. Penney occupied the building, and children’s clothing was sold on the mezzanine level. I dearly loved the wide, curved staircase and the view from above! If you haven’t been up to my little piece of quilting heaven — come on by soon! We have Stand and Stitch this Thursday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.


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