At Seldom Seen Quilting Studio today, I was paper piecing my Bali Wedding Star, while Debora P. was quilting a Christmas lap quilt and Ruth W. was quilting a Harley-Davidson/Military quilt, complete with camo backing. It was early afternoon when this organ struck up a jaunty tune. It’s a pump organ, circa 1850, fully restored. I looked over the railing from our mezzanine and saw a young man in shorts, a t-shirt, and a ball cap providing the impromptu concert. He said he was in his second year of college so he must have been 20 or so — definitely not much older. He gave us three tunes, making the “pump” part of the pump organ almost imperceptible, with his fingers flying over the keys, knowing their way even without a sheet of music. It was a nice little reminder that I have great hope in the next generation — the “millennials” as they are sometimes called. They are creative and intelligent and they know how to appreciate life’s small joys — like good music, beautiful skies, good books, and knowledge. They tend to accept others as they come, and to expect the same acceptance in return. I believe they will make our world a better place, one jaunty tune at a time.


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