Telling on myself…

Telling on myself...

I always have a good time telling stories on myself, when I am speaking. Here I am telling — and showing! — about the first ‘real’ quilt I ever tried to make! I started this thing 35 years ago — which was very hard, since I am only 17 as we speak! What a mess it is — Sure was good for a laugh at the Creative Quilters’ Guild of Ellis County! My thanks to Laquita B. (hiding behind the music stand) and Trudy C. for holding the silly thing up for me!


5 thoughts on “Telling on myself…

    • Well, the fabrics are all different kinds, different fibers, some natural, some not. They don’t match very well, actually, either — red and purple and maroon. Also, the whole thing was supposed to be the stars, but I gave up and put in these HUGE 14-inch squares! Maybe some good quilting could revive it!

  1. Quilt it and display it. Then you can show other beginners that even you who makes such gorgeous, beautiful, amazing quilts started somewhere. 🙂

  2. Diana we all have to start someplace. I won an ugly quilt contest with my first quilt. I eventually took the quilt apart and saved the blocks that I had made with my Grandmother and one of these days I will do something different with them.

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