Baking appreciation skills…

Baking appreciation skills...

I can’t cook — definitely can’t bake. But I do have excellent baking appreciation skills! This cake was made by my neighboring small business owner, Anne Grant, at Rogers Street Bistro. It’s from a recipe my grandmother used when I was a child — and it was delicious! I’ll have it twice this year, too, because my sister has promised to make one when I am visiting her in October! She said “we” would make it — but she’s been my sister for a long time. She knows how much help I will actually be! Maybe I can sew something for her while it’s in the oven…


2 thoughts on “Baking appreciation skills…

  1. Uh,oh, this isn’t the cake I thought you were talking about. There isn’t any mocha in my recipe! You should bring this recipe with you and we will compare.

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